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We are a group of anime fans who got together and created Super-Anime with our strong feeling for anime. It all started when we created our IRC channel #Super-Anime at DALnet and we hoped by doing this, it would increase anime distribution a lot faster. That's when Super-Anime was born. Our goal is to provide high quality anime to anime lovers as well as for ourselves. By doing this we hope to get popular that we can get more members and release even more anime faster than ever before.
We devote our spare time to give our fans high quality dvd rips and we don't get paid or sell our products to gain benefits.

The anime we release are not for sale of any kind (especially people who sell encoded animes at ebay).

If you want to join, you can download a usable irc client from this site. After you installed it, start the program and type /server irc.mircx.com, then join #Super-Anime (to do that type /join #Super-Anime)

We hope to see you there.
 Latest releases
Yami no Matsuei 01
Princess Nine - 03
Princess Nine - 02
Yami no Matsuei 03
Yami no Matsuei 02
Princess Nine - 01
Nightwalker Eternal Darkness 12
Nightwalker Eternal Darkness 11
Nightwalker Eternal Darkness 10
Nightwalker Eternal Darkness 09

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Do you still want SA to continue to release high quality DVD rips?