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Forger login

31/05-2004 - New Site
  So the new site is here, it's far from done but ready enough for the web. I hope you like the new design and new content. If you have any comments / suggestions please direct them to the forums. Not all sections are done so please be patient.

I am aware of the bug with the mail on the forum, you will get a error with emailer.php when you register. Ignore it your account will still be made.
23/05-2004 - Upcoming meeting
  Another meeting next friday (28.05.04) at 19:00 and we expect everyone to show up, this time the meeting will be on IRC in #euRO-Forgers @ If anyone have questions about how IRC works ask Beider or Deku ingame.

You can obtain a windows IRC client at:

If you can't show up for this meeting tell Beider or Deku ingame. This is important as we want to know what forgers are active and we have many important things to discuss at this meeting and all forgers opinion counts.
02/05-2004 - Site update
  Updated the forger list a bit, i am not sure what forgers quit after P2P but, if your info isn't updated just contact Beider ingame and you will get your user / pass to logon and change it.
04/04-2004 - Forger meeting summary
  Sorry for slow update but here is the summary of our meeting.

Price changes:
Level 3 Optional price 0k / 500k
FH / RW 10k

Thats all.
26/03-2004 - Another forger meeting
  More news today, we made a channel on It is #euRO-Forgers please come and hang out if you want ^^. In other news meeting tonight. I know it's a bit short notice, but it's nothing important. We will just re-evaluate prices, talk about website a bit and we will hold the meeting on IRC. Hope to see you all tonight. ^^

21:00 +1 GMT
on #euRO-Forgers @