euRO forger prices

Newbie FAQ

Things we do not do!:
-Add element to your excisting weapon
-Upgrade your weapon
-Give you money
-Give discounts (except if you want MANY weapons, we might do it)
-Forge katars/bows
-Make holy/dark weapons
-Tell you how much money we got
-Buy your crap, yes we are blacksmiths, but we don't need your X item unless we ask for it
-And yes we have WR, and maybe it add 10% success. But we don't use our time to upgrade your weapons
-We are not GMs/Guides
-We don't sell our AoA
-No Beggars
-Please don't hit on female blacksmiths ^^ (Right reserved for male blacksmiths)
-Don't nagg us about joining your newbie guild

Things we do:
-Forge stuff from forge list

If you want a weapon, first check the price list / forge list. There you find out the price we charge and what you need for a weapon. If you want to make a weapon elemental you need the element stone that reprecent that element. Example if you want to make a fire weapon, you need a Flame Heart. But you also need the materials for that weapon, so for a fire knife, you need 1x Iron, 10x Jellopy and a Flame Heart.

65+ Forgers

Batlin von Britain

Want something forged?

Contact one of us ingame. But read FAQ first please.

65- Forgers

Grave Skull