euRO forger prices

4/04-04 - Forger meeting summary

Sorry for slow update but here is the summary of our meeting.

Price changes:
Level 3 Optional price 0k / 500k
FH / RW 10k

Thats all.


26/03-04 - Forger meeting summary

More news today, we made a channel on It is #euRO-Forgers please come and hang out if you want ^^. In other news meeting tonight. I know it's a bit short notice, but it's nothing important. We will just re-evaluate prices, talk about website a bit and we will hold the meeting on IRC. Hope to see you all tonight. ^^

21:00 +1 GMT
on @ #euRO-Forgers


14/03-04 - Forger meeting summary

Sorry that this is a bit slow, but well, a forgers life is always busy. Here is summary of meeting:

Price change
Level 2 -> 200k
Level 3 -> 50k/400k

Price for ordering weapon/vending
Level 3 = (material) *2 + 500k
Level 2 = (material) *2 + 200k
Level 1 = 120k
These are only minimum prices, forger charge more if they feel like it. You also have to pay a minimum 20% deposit when ordering a weapon

Some FAQ updates
Levels of forgers on page (Coming soon)
Webpage URL in guild title
Try to get some fansites to link to us

People who showed up
batlin von britain


11/03-04 - Forger meeting

Tommorow (12/03-04) at 21:00 +0 GMT/ 22:00 +1 GMT there will be a meeting for all forgers. It will be held in second floor of geffen BS guild, please come because we will discuss the current pricing and other issues. And please prepare some price suggestion if you want any changes to be made.


07/03-04 - Forgers unite

Today the 5 first forgers agreed on our current prices, those include Beider, Deku, -GeaR-, nik-0 and stish. You can find our current prices on the price page along with smithing formulas. But please, if you are new to getting weapons made read our newbie guide first.

Yeah i know design isn't greatest in the world, but well, i am too lazy to make a new one.

65+ Forgers

Batlin von Britain

Want something forged?

Contact one of us ingame. But read FAQ first please.

65- Forgers

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