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Sirhiss Friend of mine who registered domain togheter with me. Check it out.
Kon the internet pimp The only internet pimp you will ever need!
Misfits Misfits, good old band. Still playing in 80's style. Even there web site is 80's style.
Fonzie A cool band from portugal. They don't have any music on there site, but they play in a Millencolin,Blink style.
Millencolin A great band from Sweeden, they play punk. And it ROX!
Offspring Still rocking.. In a way. There old albums where good, but the 2 new one.. Yuck.. Anyways, they have a cool site, and a cool chat with lots of cool people.
The Killer Barbies A spanish punk band. There music is great, but there image is kinda stupid i think.
Guano Apes Kick ass band.
KoRn This band KICKS ASS!!! If you never heard of them and like rock, check this site out NOW!
Linkin Park Kick ass site, and kick ass band
Limp Bizkit You probably know who they are.
NoFx Probably the greatest punk band ever.
Less Than Jake Great punk band, you should REALLY check this out.
Green Day Well, if you never heard of Green Day, where have you been the last few years. There site sux dogh.
Hardware.no Norwegian computer hardware advice/prices site
Dagbladet Norwegian newspaper
VG Norwegian newspaper
ITAvisen Norwegian newspaper

If you could, who would you make "vanish"?

Britney Spears
Bob Sagget
Barbra Streisand
Enrique Eglesias
Kylie Minogue
Lil Bow Wow

Some more lame news
Few updates
The Story of Uncle Bob
My personal web
Domain up an working.
Haven't been able to read mail
Some fun pictures and some other fun stuff
New download
A cool joke