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Posted: 05.09.2002 22:59:10, By: Beider

OMFG, a update. I changed the entire design for the page. I think it looks a bit better than the old one but still not satisfied, but i doubt i will work on it in a while.

Some more lame news
Posted: 08.04.2002 19:47:18, By: Beider

Sorry for not doing much on the site lately. I noticed the hits have dropped down to half of what it was in February, so now i have around 30 hits a day. Kinda dull, but i don't have the energy to keep the site up to date.

Few updates
Posted: 15.02.2002 19:53:55, By: beider

I realize there has been few updates lately, but i simply don't have the time/energy to keep this site updated. I am working on a lot of other projects and have homework up to my ears.. but i will try to get you some news. Check the links in this post.

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The Story of Uncle Bob
Posted: 27.01.2002 22:34:43, By: Beider

This is the story of uncle Bob

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My personal web
Posted: 23.01.2002 17:09:50, By: Beider

I got my first subdomain up, that will be my personal website. vegard.beider.org, i also added a background i made to downloads section.

Domain up an working.
Posted: 22.01.2002 19:13:29, By: Beider

Ok, now everything is working again, even my mail, [email protected] I am now taking requests for clan hosting again. And any other request you might have. If you want my web stats. stats.beider.org

Haven't been able to read mail
Posted: 15.01.2002 15:02:03, By: Beider

I have not been able to read my mail to [email protected] for the last couple of weeks. So if you sendt me a mail, and got no response, please send it to [email protected]

Some fun pictures and some other fun stuff
Posted: 13.01.2002 22:34:21, By: Beider

Here are a couple of fun things for you to look at.

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New download
Posted: 04.01.2002 22:24:22, By: Beider

I just finished a script that can make lists of files and folders on your HD, and people can then browse them from on the web. Demo here

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A cool joke
Posted: 02.01.2002 00:22:39, By: Beider

A really cool ´adult´ joke a friend told me.

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Happy new year everyone!
Posted: 01.01.2002 04:16:19, By: Beider

The crew at beider wish you all a happy new year... actually the crew is only me, so I wish you all a happy new year!

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A funny link
Posted: 30.12.2001 13:45:05, By: Beider

Check this link out History Kill. It's all bullshit, and i would not recomend to download the app.

Mc Donald finnaly busted
Posted: 26.12.2001 16:16:55, By: Beider

Yesterday the California police found Mr. Mc Donalds hidout.

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Happy Hollidays
Posted: 24.12.2001 17:02:10, By: Santa

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all have a happy holliday, and eat good, get fat, and of course get lots of nice presents. Well, i'm off for today

new design for beider
Posted: 23.12.2001 19:48:42, By: Beider

I know it has some minor bugs in it at some places, but i am fixing it as soon as i can. Hope you enjoy the new design

Uptime for Beider
Posted: 23.12.2001 01:28:33, By: Beider

I found out i have been operating for:
Hours: 158448
Minutes: 9506880
Seconds: 570412800

in other words.. thats the time since i was born.. :) Lots of wasted time eh :)

Yet another news
Posted: 23.12.2001 00:59:22, By: Beider

Everything should be working well now, and i will start redoing entire page design, and adding new content. For anyone who gonna get a web server check out www.servetheworld.net, it rules. (in norwegian dogh)

News again, Woooo!
Posted: 22.12.2001 17:13:30, By: Beider

I changed server, going from 128 Kbit connection to 100 Mbit connection, you should feel a slight diffrence. Also i am making all new pages, so expect to see some changes soon.

My graphic skills strike again!
Posted: 25.11.2001 18:02:55, By: Beider

I made a new menu for both main site and review site. They still look ugly, and i didn't manage to make it like i wanted. Both are very simple now, and still ugly. (Still looking for people to review games, contact me please)

Few updates
Posted: 15.11.2001 16:56:09, By: Beider

There have been few updates lately, why? I haven't found anything of intrest, and haven't had that much time to update. But i made 2 reviews in the review section.

Dressing school for nerds
Posted: 05.11.2001 18:01:30, By: Beider

German students will now get courses in how to behave in society in addition to the other computer studies.

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Athlon XP 1900+
Posted: 05.11.2001 17:51:44, By: Beider

The new Athlon cpu runs on 1,6 ghz, but AMD don't want us to care about that.

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New download section
Posted: 04.11.2001 19:36:29, By: Beider

I added a new download section, with humour.

Project IGI 2
Posted: 04.11.2001 19:06:56, By: Beider

Last year the norwegian company Innerloop had a huge sucsess with there game Project IGI, and now they are working hard on IGI 2. We here on Beider have taken a little peek on this game.

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Violence in Oslo
Posted: 04.11.2001 18:58:04, By: Beider

This is an actuall film taken by a security camra in Oslo (capital of Norway).

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How to become a canadian mountie?
Posted: 02.11.2001 19:10:02, By: Beider

This guide is specially written for beider.org

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Exclusive war report!!!
Posted: 02.11.2001 18:52:40, By: Beider

This exclusive picture report only at beider.org!

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What does animals do in there spear time?
Posted: 01.11.2001 16:01:43, By: Beider

This is one of the things i always wanted to know. What do animals do when they are not annoying humans.

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Gay porn, NO WAY!!!
Posted: 31.10.2001 21:43:36, By: Beider

After lot's of request from Flame(RS) telling me i had to much gay porn on my site, i finally added a girl. And she is quite nice to. You can find her in the download section.

Athlon or Intel?
Posted: 29.10.2001 18:18:49, By: Beider

What is the best to buy, Athlon 1800+ or Intel 2 ghz?

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Beider.Org open for public
Posted: 21.10.2001 20:55:14, By: Beider

Welcome to Beider.org

This site is owned by the all mighty Vegard "Beider" Stenstad. I hope to make this page a bit better in the future, but for now you will have to do with the small selection of functions that i have.

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If you could, who would you make "vanish"?

Britney Spears
Bob Sagget
Barbra Streisand
Enrique Eglesias
Kylie Minogue
Lil Bow Wow

Some more lame news
Few updates
The Story of Uncle Bob
My personal web
Domain up an working.
Haven't been able to read mail
Some fun pictures and some other fun stuff
New download
A cool joke