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As you may have guessed i play StarCraft, and have been in a lot of clans. From my experince it's a pain to run a clan without a good website, and it is a pain to find a website that is easy to update and have no commercials. Thats why i made this handy little service. If you want me to host your clan website, just sign up. The pages has a lot of functions, including Message Board, Member list, News, and a lot more. If you want to look around, login to
Clan : Look
Username : Look
Password : Around

List of clans that use this service:

Angelic Empire
Angel's Of DarkNess
Angels of Havoc
Born to kill
Clan Vain
Delta Squadron
Diablo 2 Expansion
Ecliptic Soldiers
Ecliptic Soldiers
Ecliptic Soldiers WC3
Heart Rippers
HeLLz Army
Kul k0n Klan
Lumina Knights
Masters of Chaos
New Order
Resurrected Soldiers
Resurrected Soldiers
Silver Dragon Klan
Spartan Warriors
Team Special Kid
templar knights

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