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Athlon XP 1900+
Posted: 05.11.2001 17:51:44, By: Beider

The new Athlon cpu runs on 1,6 ghz, but AMD don't want us to care about that.

AMD keeps demonstrating that megahertz is not the only way to demonstrate power, said Ed Ellet to the press.

The new Athlon XP 1900+ isn't a 1,9 Ghz cpu as you might think, but the "1900+" is to tell you what the cpu really works like.

Just like Athlon XP 1800+ runs with a clock of 1,53 ghz, but it is better than Pentium 4, 2 Ghz in many ways.

XP 1900+ will come out very, very soon said AMD. The price is expected to be somewhere around 300$

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