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Update and News

Just wanted to say that we have been busy and there hasn't been any releases lately because of school, job or other personal stuff. But we hope you guys could support us either way. Don't get me wrong we will release some cool encodes really soon. New series will be announced and at the same time work on our old releases and re-encode them.

I'll post a few series here which will be re-encoded sometime later:

Berserk - Episode 1+
Hyper Police - Episode 1+
Power Stone - Episode 3-6
Ruin Explorers - Episode 1-4
Slayers - Episode 1-14

This isn't the exact list, it might change without any warnings, but these series are the ones who needs to be encoded in high quality dvd rips. Anyway more on this later.

Posted by SSJ4-Vegita on Sunday, January 19
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Which serie do you want SA to release faster?
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