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Group Positions

(Scale of 1-10 shows how urgent the position needs to be filled)
1 meaning not needed and 10 meaning urgent.

DVD supplier:(10)

- Must have access to anime DVDs.
- Must be able to rip DVDs.
- Must have a fairly good connection.

(*Note: People applying for this position must be able to get full series, we can't do much about incomplete series, now could we?)


- Must be fluent in Japanese and English
- Must have free time to be able to do this.


- Must be able to work with SSA (Sub Station Alpha).
- Accuracy is a must when timing subtitles.
- Must have free time to be able to do this.


- Experienced and skilled in special effects.
- Must use either Textsub, Adobe After Effects or other programs that can do pretty much the same.


- Experienced and skilled.

If you feel like applying for any of these positions either e-mail at [email protected] or post in the forums under "Helping SA". Or you can join us at irc.mircx.com #Super-Anime.

Posted by SSJ4-Vegita on Wednesday, September 3

Power Stone

Power Stone 1-7 has been finally re-encoded. Those of you who wants these, download the ones that says v2. These new encodes doesn't have the #Super-Anime tag in the entire episode.

Posted by SSJ4-Vegita on Thursday, March 6

Gundam Seed

Gundam lovers, we just released Gundam Seed 06 today.

Posted by SSJ4-Vegita on Saturday, March 1

New Fansub!

We recently released our second fansub project Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex 01. Another great product done by Cell. We love ya man.

Posted by SSJ4-Vegita on Sunday, February 23

Z.O.E Dolores I

We released Z.O.E Dolores I episode 02 a few days ago and to be honest it looks great even though we spent a long time to finish it, but anyway episode 03 is on the way and it will hopefully be released by next week.

Posted by SSJ4-Vegita on Thursday, February 20

The Forum

Ok, it would be nice of you people who has registered in the forums to post something because it's dying and we might close the forum if it stays like that. We didn't add the forums for nothing. So please if you feel like asking any questions about us or our releases, anything at all be sure to post it in the forum.

Posted by SSJ4-Vegita on Friday, February 7

Update and News

Just wanted to say that we have been busy and there hasn't been any releases lately because of school, job or other personal stuff. But we hope you guys could support us either way. Don't get me wrong we will release some cool encodes really soon. New series will be announced and at the same time work on our old releases and re-encode them.

I'll post a few series here which will be re-encoded sometime later:

Berserk - Episode 1+
Hyper Police - Episode 1+
Power Stone - Episode 3-6
Ruin Explorers - Episode 1-4
Slayers - Episode 1-14

This isn't the exact list, it might change without any warnings, but these series are the ones who needs to be encoded in high quality dvd rips. Anyway more on this later.

Posted by SSJ4-Vegita on Sunday, January 19

Forum is back!

The new forum is up and running, and for those who registered in the old forum should do that again. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Posted by SSJ4-Vegita on Thursday, January 9

Good News!

There will be alot of releases coming in a few days. We are starting on new series at the moment, but I won't say which ones yet :) stay tuned for more info on this.

Posted by SSJ4-Vegita on Saturday, January 4

New Release

Released Amazing Nurse Nanako Episode 01. This version of Nanako looks totally better than our previous encode of it. I suggest anyone who loves this serie to get it.

Released Episode 02 as well.

Posted by SSJ4-Vegita on Wednesday, December 25


Some people seem to hate the fact that some of our old encodes has our tag (#Super-Anime) in the entire episode. We will try to decide which ones to re-encode and let everyone know about it. Right now, Power Stone Episode 1-6 will be re-encoded. I will keep everyone updated about this.

Posted by SSJ4-Vegita on Thursday, December 19


Released Gundam Seed Episode 05

Get it, it looks great!

Posted by SSJ4-Vegita on Wednesday, December 18


Amazing Nurse Nanako, Oh! My Goddess and some of our old releases will be re-encoded because we are not satisfied with the quality and the subs. Expect some really good versions of those soon.

Posted by SSJ4-Vegita on Monday, December 16

Coming Up

New releases will pop-up as our old encoder returned to our group. Most of our earlier releases (like Nanako, Oh! My goddess etc.) will be re-encoded. We are glad to have you |zoe| back. Thanks man.

Posted by SSJ4-Vegita on Sunday, December 15

New releases

We released the following series:

Hyper Police Episode 01
Power Stone Episode 13
Gundam Seed Episode 04

Posted by beider on Saturday, December 14

The web site is now up and running

Im going to change design and forum soon.

Posted by Beider on Sunday, July 28

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