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Group Positions

(Scale of 1-10 shows how urgent the position needs to be filled)
1 meaning not needed and 10 meaning urgent.

DVD supplier:(10)

- Must have access to anime DVDs.
- Must be able to rip DVDs.
- Must have a fairly good connection.

(*Note: People applying for this position must be able to get full series, we can't do much about incomplete series, now could we?)


- Must be fluent in Japanese and English
- Must have free time to be able to do this.


- Must be able to work with SSA (Sub Station Alpha).
- Accuracy is a must when timing subtitles.
- Must have free time to be able to do this.


- Experienced and skilled in special effects.
- Must use either Textsub, Adobe After Effects or other programs that can do pretty much the same.


- Experienced and skilled.

If you feel like applying for any of these positions either e-mail at [email protected] or post in the forums under "Helping SA". Or you can join us at irc.mircx.com #Super-Anime.

Posted by SSJ4-Vegita on Wednesday, September 3
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