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New B.Net feature
Posted: 11/15/2001 4:40:08 PM, By: Beider

Blizzard has implemented the Last Logon feature on Battle.net. If there have been unsuccessful attempts to logon to your account since you last signed on, you will now be notified when logging in to Battle.net.

You will receive a message, such as:
Last logon: Wed Oct 10 3:23 PM. There have been 10 unsuccessful logon attempts.

A high number of unsuccessful logon attempts may indicate that someone is trying to guess your password. Your best defense is to ensure that your password is difficult to guess. Below is hte password guide straight from blizzard.

How to Select a Good Password
Extreme care should be taken in choosing your password. If your password is easy to guess, someone may be able to access or steal your Battle.net account.

Bad Passwords:

Exactly match a word in the dictionary
Match a reversed word in a dictionary
Match a word in the dictionary with some or all of the letters capitalized
Match a reversed word in the dictionary with some or all of the letters reversed
Are shorter than 5 characters
Do not contain a mix of letters and numbers, or mixed letters and punctuation
Are based on the users account name, initials, or given name, or any other info about the user: SSN, license plate number, etc.
Are the word "password"
Are your own name or account name
Are common names of people or places
Are a word that can be found in ANY dictionary
Include keys in sequence on the keyboard (like QWERTY)
Include repeating sequences (like "abcabc" or "........")
Are technical jargon (dictionaries for those exist, too)
Examples of Bad Passwords:

mypasswo (plain text)
wendy5 (name based)
..... (repeating sequence)
abcabc (repeating sequence)
hi (plain text, not long enough)
h311o (common word with common letter/number substitution)
gandalf1 (Based on the name of a Character from The Hobbit)
triskeli (Based on a word from Star Trek)
Good Passwords:

Two words separated by a non-letter non-digit, like 'war3%mast' or 'cat,bear#' (note: It's a bad idea to use these exact examples)
Are at least 5 characters in length and contain both numbers and letters
Should not do any of the bad things listed above
Examples of Good Passwords:

Wc2!itb - Warcraft II ! is the best
W!IHN1SMA - Wow! I hope no one steals my account

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