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SC humour
Posted: 30.10.2001 18:32:14, By: Beider

General sc humour i picked up on the infoceptors board, love it or hate it, i don't care :)

Theories on why you suck

You think those 4 little probes in the beginning are enough for the entire game.
you think 4 pool owns because it's so hard to stop.
You think turtling works because your siege tanks has 200+ kills vs. 7 computers on BGH.
You think carriers are the shit cause NOTHING ever kills those damn blimps.
You don't see how zerg ever wins because they don't start with enough drones to build those buildings.
You can't tell why there are slashing sounds in your base and you don't see any units.
You dont' see why everyone talks about being cost effective when you dont' run out of minerals anyway...
you're convinced a computer ally is better than a human ally anyway.
You are convinced the only unit you need to win is carriers. That is, make NOTHING else but carriers.
You blame your 2 vs 2 losses as your partner's fault
You are dissapointed because you can't seem to find the psi Disrupter.
You think the game is rigged, since "black sheep wall" won't work.
You think that units like templars are a waste of gas, that can well go into carriers.
You think that the only thing that can beat a bunch of carriers is a bigger bunch of carriers
Whenever a bunch of your units die you respond with "F*CKING TEMPLARS/GHOSTS/LURKS etc.."
You never use an observer because what's the point? You got carriers!
You wonder why were other units made in SC since carriers rock all of them, and then you arrive at the conclusion that other units were made so you can rock them with your carriers.
You wonder why anyone ever switches from random to anything other than Protoss. After all, only Protoss get carriers.
You always wonder why people even make games with a strange map called 'Hunters', because it's just like BGH except you run out of money. That's no fun!
4 pool is the most complicated strategy you've ever seen. Except for carriers.
Your six deep line of photon cannons can't seem to kill those pesky tanks and reavers. Maybe the other guy's cheating!
That guy that keeps yelling "Help me you idiotic newbie! OMG, you are the worst ally ever!!!" is getting annoying. You ought to help those other two guys finish his base off to shut him up.
The ground is shooting spikes at your SCV's. Worse, you can't get your marines to shoot the spikes. They're just too fast for you to click on, you guess.
Your opponent has enough time in the middle of the game to spell out GG with NEXUSES.

That's what i found funny, check out infoceptor board for more.

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