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Interviews with Corbalt, sVEN and Inquisitor (last is maker of funguscraft, TC)
Posted: 31.10.2001 13:43:03, By: Beider

If you are interested in reading good interviews with good players, check this out.

The Liquid'Corbalt Interview... Got together with one of the top Protoss players of all time, Corbalt. We talked about his former clan Vice Classics and its issues, his current Team Liquid and how he enjoys being in it, and his reasons of being inactive in SC/BW competitions. He maybe hasn't got any big accomplishments in his SC "career", but I'm sure this guy is another one heck of a potential pro-gamer.

The [GG8][email protected] Interview... Had a nice little chat with one of the members of the GoodGame Pro-Gaming Team, sVEN. I believed this guy has tons of accomplishments that i didn't bother asking him. Anyways, he talked about GoodGame, why he doesn't want to live in Korea, and the "lame-ity" of flaming.

Inquisitor interview... Maker of Funguscraft Total Conversion

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