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Posted: 11/13/2001 12:18:45 AM, By: Beider

It was like a bad ripoff of Age of Empires, only all the colors looked the same, so the units blended in with the background.. urk, it was ugly.

First off i tried this game in "experience mode", after about 30 seconds, it crashed my computer (totaly locked it) so i had to boot. After that i went for another try, this time i went on gamespy. It was kinda neat that it had a built in gamespy thingy, kinda like battle.net for all of you SC players, only better design.

Well, i tried to join a game, but it keept saying "joining..." and when i pressed cancle after 2 minutes it crashed again. This time i could "ctrl+alt+del" my way out of the game, so i booted it up again, and tried to join another game.. oh, another crash... what a suprise. So after another round of "ctrl+alt+del" i decided to give the "create game" a try.

Finally after a couple minutes waiting some people came, 5 people in the game 4 players and 1 observer. But after the game startet, it startet to lagg.. like hell. So the observer left, and after a while of discussing who lagged, the lagger finally left. The dumb thing was i had to browse trough a couple of sub menues to find out what color the lagger actually was.

Thats about wraps up my crash stories, now for the playing part. The first thing i noticed was how the interface looked a lot like the starcraft interface. You had the minimap low left, the normal unit display and the buttons. Simple to understand for a SC player or for anyone else with a bit of RPS experience. After playing for a while i noticed how slow this thing was going, it might have something to do with us all beeing newbies, but i keept building them stupid resource gatherers, but my minerals never seemed to boost. After i went to the toilet and came back i had 7000 minerals, so i startet the unit production and tried to get every unit to check out all features. Well, what hit me was how incredible small the units where, and how there colors blended to much into the background. Some of them where actually hard to see. And the graphics wasn't all that either.

The spells where nothing specialy new, and other than that the entire game was quite dull. All in all i didn't like the game, but you should keep in mind that i only played the demo. but still, it didn't seem to be very compatible with Windows 2000. And it had an all over to dark look where all the units blended togheter with the background. I would say the game looked like what you get if you take a bad copy of "Age of Empires" mix it with the Starcraft interface, dim all the colors and then smear the colors out over the screen. Voila, you got Strifeshadow.

A good tip, try the demo before buying this game. Follow links below.

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