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Posted: 11/13/2001 10:50:24 PM, By: Beider

Stronghold is a RTS game played out in the dark ages. It focus more on building towns than other games do, it is like "Age of empire"+"Sim City".


The first thing i noticed about the installer was the music, it was a kinda
cool jingle.. at first, but after hearing the same 10 second loop over and over
and over and over and over again.. It got on my nerves, and i turned off the
speakers to escape this hellish music.


The game it self is played out in the middle ages, you play the role of some
rebell leader. Your goal is to wipe out the tyran leaders that rule the country,
or area or what ever. When you boot up the game, the first thing you notice is
that you can pick to either play a military campaign or a economic campaign. The
diffrence is that in the military campaign you focus very little on building and
a lot on battles, and oposite in other of course.


The graphics in the game are butifull, the only setback is the zoom limit,
you have only 2 view modes, one pretty close up and one far away, so it is kinda
hard to catch all the details. The graphics don't skip and they are easy to make
out. Another setback is that you can't choose a higher resolution that 1024*768
and not lower than 800*600. All in all, i would give them a 8/10.


The game music sound like those nifty middle age war drums. With some jingles
in the background, it really helps on the setting of the game, the music speeds
up when there is a battle and really gets you in the mood. The units sounds are
acceptable, they ain't nothing special, but they do there job. The only setback
is the cheap voices in the briefing, it's like listening to your dull history
teatcher telling a story, quite boring. 6/10


It has quite a long enjoyment factor, and since you have two diffrent game
modes you can play the one you like, which makes the game even cooler. You can
also play it online with other people and on LAN with friends, which really
kicks ass. Imagine putting a sige on your friends fortress, with all the medival
weapons you dreamed off, or maybe you want to greet your friends welcome with
hot boiling oil or a spike trap. The single player missions are quite
entertaining to, but the AI is kinda stupid, just find out where he attacks from
and put up a lot of defence from that direction and your home free. 7/10
(because of stupid AI)

Overall Rating

I think this game is absolutely worth buying, specially if you have the
possibility to play it online. That really rocks, but finding online games can
be a bit harder. But it has gamespy support, which is a big plus. Follow the
link below and download the demo if your not sure. 8/10

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