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Reaction Quake 3
Posted: 16.11.2001 18:12:54, By: Beider

I tried out reaction quake 3 beta 1 today. The overall game looked good, but it's boring to play deathmach pistol wars.

The graphics and sound where great (quake 3 engine), but the game it self was quite dull. Most of the maps where quite butifull, but the downside was that the Beta 1 only support 2 modes, 1v1 or deathmatch, i heard rumour about team deathmatch, but found no servers running it (and didn't care to set up my own).

When i was playing deathmatch it was like playing a pure pistol wars game, sometimes you got a weapon, but either it was out of ammo in 2 seconds (and almost impossible to find new ammo) or you just heard the head shot sound, and you where dead. After playing pistol wars for 3 hours it got quite dull, so now i'm just waiting for beta 2 and will give you another (bigger) review then.

This game has a future, once they get that teamplay in there. Even dogh i would stick to action quake 2 if i where you, but it is worth checking out. (but you might wanna wait for next beta)

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Reaction Quake 3

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Reaction Quake 3